You are in a ship in the midst of a boundless sea on a prolonged voyage. Suddenly a freakish tempest seizes the sea and the raging sea seizes your petty ship. Your attempts at advancing are frail in the face of such a robust mayhem. Your ship keeps whirling and twirling and you fret and fume, struggle and strive. But alas! you know you are astray. It’s an infinite sphere of sea and storm and you are an unfathomable blend of dread and horror. You are alone, utterly and inexplicably alone. You are a wreck inside out. You are on the verge of losing all the hope you were capable of possessing. You think about your family. Your mother perhaps? You may never see her again. This is the saddest and the scariest thought ever.

But then you see a ray of light. Hear a whistle perhaps? Someone is out there. A smidgen of hope shines in your heart. You focus on that dim light and endeavour to sway towards it till it gets bright and brighter. You focus on that sound and aim to pull towards it till it gets loud and louder. That light, right there, is your beacon. Dim and flickering in the beginning but as you hold on to it with your latent might, it intensifies and raises you from the deepest abyss.

Remind yourself of the difficult times you have been through. Remind yourself of the times when the nights couldn’t have been anymore desolate and the days couldn’t have been anymore murky. What made you get through that spell? What was your beacon? Were it your parents who were always there for you with their unwavering love and support? Were it your friends who made you laugh and see the bright side of the world? Or was it some inspiration, someone you looked up to and admired, who motivated and stimulated you to work harder and try harder? Or were you your own hero?

The dainty, beautiful butterflies have their own tale to narrate. They are confined in the dark but they use their own radiance to overcome it. Not only do they conquer it, but while doing so they also illuminate their surroundings. If these petite creatures can be so resolute and benign, then what reason do you have to be so lost and hopeless? Sometimes you stumble and fall, sometimes you lose and quit. But the obstacles you face are insignificant compared to the inner spark you possess. Embrace this spark and someday you too will fly high like the beautiful butterflies. Be the beacon. Beacon of love. Of happiness. Of hope. For yourself. For the people who rely on you. For the world ahead. And someday you too will make a difference in your life and the lives of the people who need you.